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Postby peg » Fri Dec 22, 2006 4:49 pm

Yes.. I really hate spammers, but I am devoted to keep them away...


Let's see, I ban the IP Addresses. Not the ones that they post with... No... Because they are often forged. I ban their ACTUAL IP Address. (sorry, It's hard to forge that one that shows up in the log).

I don't just ban them in the forum either. I ban them from the site in the webserver.

The list is long and getting longer, but it's better for me to do it here and now than to continually remove Spammers and ban their IP Addresses in the forum.

I also have modified the software so that it makes it harder for BOTS to do the registration. So now you have to be a HUMAN to do it. That at least slows them down.

So... If YOU are a spammer... Take notice that you will be banned from this server. (I also share the list with other forums and servers so we don't all have to do the work to keep up).
- peg -

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