Pruning the User Base

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Pruning the User Base

Postby peg » Tue Jul 12, 2011 11:36 am

I have just Pruned the User Base from our database.

Any user (generally) that is registered but not posting at least ONE post (not as spam either) should be ok. If users are registered but not activated or if they were never "Active" (an empty date in the Member list for "Last Active") then you will be deleted.

This site is, first and foremost, a Forum, not a private message board. If you only register on this site to send PM's you risk being deleted.
If you are posting URL's promoting other sites that are not even remotely related to this site or it's purpose, You risk being deleted AND banned.

Users with a low number of posts (number to be determined by Admins) are NOT allowed to have a Website listed in their profiles or signatures. If found, they will be removed and you risk being banned or deleted.

The purpose of this site is NOT to promote your site or "Up" your Ranking in search engines. Please respect our forum and help keep it a useful tool for all to use.
- peg -

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