Can you work as a Courier Agent? Yeah, sure I can ;)

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Can you work as a Courier Agent? Yeah, sure I can ;)

Postby sweetiepie » Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:35 pm

Hi there.

This is my first post and found this site after receiving an email when I posted on Craigslist about a position.Of course I didn't answer it, but I found it interesting that they would use a US company that has a brick and mortar address. The return emails are Martin Blair <> and

Also, are there agencies that I could/should forward these types of emails to?



Can you work as a Courier Agent? I own a small shipping business and I tend to operate a high cost of operation and I want to cut down my expenses by employing someone in each state of USA apart from CALIFORNIA where I am,someone who will be getting mails in bulk and open the bulk mail and dispatch them in units to thier final destinations in their respective states, for example, the cost of sending each mail is $10.00 by UPS and we want to send out 100 mails, that would be $1000.00 which is too costly but we have a solution whereby, we ship the whole 100 mails in one package at the rate of $200.00 to you in your state and when you get it, you will open it and send the mail individually through USPS which will be $5.00 to $6.00 each and you can see that we will have a saving, $800 for bulk shipping plus $6 times 100 making $500.00 or $600.00, you can see we have saved $8,000, so please I need you to work for me on a part-time basis, and you will be paid $350.00 every week.

You will be provided with funds to pay freight forwarder, you will be provided with funds to pay for USPS to dispatch the mails upfront, you will be provided with up to $3,400.00 to $4,000.00 as a running fund for dispatching the mails, sometimes, it may be packages of goods that you will be receiving and sometimes you may be required to pay for shipping and freight fees out of the funds we provide to you to pay another freight forwarder when we need the service of another freight forwarder, the items you will be re-mailing or shipping will include letters,office materials and office equipments, home theater, electronics and some other general consumer goods, I want to assure you that you will never use your own money for any expenses and you are not require to buy anything to begin the job,the job will only take 4 to 5 hours of your time in a week and you can work whatever hours you want, the name of my Business is BLUE FREIGHT TRANSPORT INC and I am located in CALIFORNIA, the job is very simple once you have an address where you can accept mails and packages, and also have the time to re-mail the mails and packages through USPS sometime through some other freight forwarders, the mails and packages will contain gift cards,letters, office materials and office equipments, home theater, electronics and some other general consumer goods, you don't need any much space, they are packages you can put in your room, or in your garage. You will have to present an ID either driver's license or any other personal ID, all I wanted to ensure is that you have an ID to show to the delivery man when packages will be delivered to you and you have to show some sense of sincerity as you will be entrusted with clients mails, packages and funds to utilize for re-mailing expenses, please do let me know when you are ready to start and let me know if you have all the requirements needed for the job, you need to provide your information as well in order to proceed further.


Full Names:
Full Address: (P.O. BOX NOT ACCEPTED)
Zip Code:
Cell Number:
Present Job:
Age :

Reason for taking up this job, and please note, you must be above 18 years of age to be eligible for this job.

You are going to be employed as Associate Logistic Personnel and your employment is based on a 1099 status, your first salary $350.00 salary will be paid by c Certifed Bank Check and the re-mailing funds will be provided constantly which will never finish in order to avoid you spending your own money so when the re-mailing funds are low additional re-mailing funds will be provided, and you are not require to buy anything to begin the job, it is a straight forward job opportunity.

Please do let me know how we should proceed and you can get start immediately and ensure you send your RESUME INFORMATION Asap
Our Company Federal Tax ID is 13-2042324
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Re: Can you work as a Courier Agent? Yeah, sure I can ;)

Postby peg » Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:25 pm

Well of course this is a scam. This falls into the Money Mule scam category. ( see for more details)

Additionally, if you provide them with the information, you will also likely be a victim of ID Theft. Although not directly asking, at some point you can bet your Social Security Number would be asked for (as it would "Technically" be needed for a 1099 anyway). Thus, they would have all they needed to open up credit in your name.

Often times, the money they send you is a "Fake" certified check where you "Keep" a portion and then some how send a portion back. I don't know if this is the case with this one or not as it appears they want a "Buffer" that the police can trace back to when the scam starts falling apart (as they always do). By that time, you would be the one holding the bag and they would be long gone.

Always be concerned about ANY "Legitimate" business that has an email address that doesn't represent their business. (i.e. using a free email service like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc...) For example, our Website is It would raise a flag if you were asked to provide information for our "site" (or business) and the email you are asked to provide it to is as opposed to something like (FYI, this is not a valid email address to avoid getting spam email)

You can report these scams to the FBI ( and near the bottom of that page in RED letters you will see where you can file a complaint)

Also if (by some small chance) the company is legitimate but is using deceptive or illegal practices, you can file a complaint with the FTC

Hope this helps.
- peg -

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