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Postby lrodom » Wed Sep 19, 2012 2:23 am

Scammer on Craigslist trying to get you to send money up front to which was just registered on Sept. 15, 2012

Link on craigslist:

I replied asking where I could look at the cargo trailer he had listed, here is the BS emails I got back:

Re: 8.5x24 White Enclosed Cargo Auto Hauler Race Car Trailer Flat Front 10 - $4000
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Kyle Wayne


Kyle Wayne <> wrote:

>I just checked my “Junk” box and found your reply.The trailer is not sold
>yet. It's in excellent condition with no issues at all. Clean interior has
>no unpleasant odors of any kind . Main floor doesn't show scuffs and
>blemishes. There are no roof leaks of any kind. There is no water damage.
>Exterior shines nice, colors look good.Everything is as it should be.I have
>to let you know that i left town a few days ago because i have to help my
>daughter organize her wedding, and i may stay here a while, but this is no
>problem because i`ll sell it through NWS services. I guess you used NWS
>before, if you didn`t let me know because i met people that never used it
>and i will explain how it works in detail. I want to sell it now because i
>need the money for my daughters wedding so if you are interested in buying
>it let me know.Also if you need more info or photos please don't hesitate
>to ask.
>Yours truly,


I replied:

I want to look at the trailer, where is it located?

His 2nd email

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012 8:03 PM
I'm glad you are interested. Like i said before i'll explain the Net Whole Sales concept, their website is net whole sales .com . They are a chain of ebay drop off stores and they offer their services for craigslist users too. They picked up the trailer from my home within a few days I left the town and intended to sell it when i got back (if you ask why i'm selling it now when i'm not around), but the wedding costs too much and i need to sell it now to help my daughter get married. They will take care of shipping, payment and title transfer(the title is clear and it's already signed by me and notarized so they are empowered to do this ). So if you want to purchase the trailer, all you have to do is to register on their website. After you are registered with them an invoice will be sent to you. There you will find out more details about this sale like how to complete the payment, shipping process, insurance, etc. Afterward you have to complete the payment. They receive the payment and start the shipping process. You receive the trailer and you have 10 days to inspect it and see if it's exactly as described. If you decide to keep it, you let them know and they will transfer the payment to me, if you decide to return it, they will give you a full refund back and return the item on my cost. So you can be sure the trailer is exactly as described because i wouldn't sell something that i know it will be returned and loose extra money. The shipping cost is already included in the price listed on craigslist so you don't have to worry about that. The process is very simple, it probably looks a little complicated from what i explained but it's not and for a better understanding of how their service works you can check out their "Selling on Craigslist" page. I would advise you to read the Selling on Craigslist page before you register so you can be sure you understand how the process works. Let me know if you are still interested and if you have questions please ask, no problem. Also, if you don't want to register on their website for any reason, you can send me your full name and shipping address and i will forward it to them, but it's better if you register yourself.

You know that pictures are worth a thousand words, ... pslucw.jpg

PS: I am sorry for the long email but i couldn't explain the process in less words.

Yours truly,

My Last Reply!!!!!

Since you didn't answer my question and sent a canned message in reply and will not tell me where the trailer is but rather want me to put up the money before I even see the trailer i have determined your a scammer and will report this to craigslist.


Beware on Craigslist, the scammers are getting worse this was the second one today I ran acrossl The first one used the old, "I just got a divorce and dont need the golf cart".

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Postby lrodom » Wed Sep 19, 2012 6:19 pm

Late last night I got this email from the scammer:

I understand how this is going. Well i will contact you by email when i return and meet to have a face to face transaction, maybe you can tell me this things in my face but i somehow doubt you will be willing to meet. I am sorry and i understand your concern. I will contact you when i return if by any chance i still have this for sale and make a face to face transaction.

Yours truly,


My reply:

Name the time and place, but I know you will not show since net wholesale is a complete fraud. Checked the addresses you have listed. Storage buildings, the Colorado address is actually Colorado fireside Inc. The Topeka address is Dicks sporting goods Store. In fact all the addresses listed are other businesses besides net wholesale or a private residence. The website is hosted in Luxembourg. Website registered to Khalid Cook, santrex Internet services, London. Listed on several fraud sites. You not dealing with idiot. Come on and meet me and a few FBI agents at the same time.


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Postby honeygirlpalmer » Thu Oct 04, 2012 9:00 pm

we just had the same thing happen to us only we were not smart enough and were taken for 4,000 same exact story daughters getting married bla,bla, bla hes out of town go to buying and selling on craigslist then to net The bank is working on the situation but tells me its not likely that i will recieve my money back !
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