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Sellbuy Trading Group

Postby Zawa84 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:38 pm

It looks like scammer have been already register here, under this web name,
but clearly he still operates under those names and links, emails, etc.
In fact after I fall into his scam couple of days later I've managed to contact him again. That means that he probably was 'on a job ' again using same detiles. Police is useless, so I hope this platform will somehow block his activities.

My situation:

I found this car on eBay, BMW X5
I must admit I was completely blinded, cos I've been looking for a car for a really long time, etc. and that price for that car. Well, now I know, to good to be true. I've missed on that first clue.
I contacted the seller and he replays with long email saying how the car is so great. He even added more pictures. It was that the car belonged to his brother who lived in UK and recently passed away(poor brother, those people are heartless)! And that he was living in 'Germany' so he's using a company called Sellbuy-Group !!
( ) !!
that suppose to ship the car and handle the payment for him. He said that the company and in fact the car is located in Aberdeen Scotland, where company had a warehouse.. That's were I failed for the second time because eBay listing clearly was saying that the eBay seller is Green Eye Cars from Peterborough. As it turns out later they were aware of the fact that scammers are using their identity. Well, at that point I thought that they might were someone he was using to to advertise, or I was again just blinded by condition/price mix.
Then cos I was generally sceptic about getting this ''expensive to run' car he actually first provided his phone no
(0049 665 9186 3396)
then asked me for my tel. no so I provided. So I had an actual conversation with the sacramer, unless voice was somehow modified I'd say the guy was over his 40'.
And again third clue appear when he said that he 'used to live in the UK' and now he's moved out and he's now only selling his car.(where's dead brother gone?) really I don't know what I was thinking(price/condition). He also insisted to check that company's web. Should I have mentioned that before I couldn't find anything about that company and now not only company's website but also some forums complementing it. As if guy had generally control over my phone, what I could see in it.
So we emailu again and after a very little negotiation he dropped price by 1/6 and I decided to go ahead. I register, paid money(5100£ to Santander Bank PLC
(how do they get those accounts?)
Then I was sent an invoice, and info about shipment process. Due to the fact that I'm working away all week long I had to set up delivery for Friday, to be sure I'll be at home on the day of arrival. So car suppose to be delivered on Friday by 3pm. I cut the day short so I could be at home to take delivery.
Another situation should alarm me that for third time I was trying to contact the 'company' by phone and always I would have been told that line is too busy and to use live chat instead. This is important bit.
On the chat 'Stefani' would tell me that they have some delays and the car will arrive after 6pm. And that was it. Last time any exchange took place.
By Monday afternoon could not even load that web anymore, everything disappeared. Only thing I could see was fraud web data bases like this one telling me that Sellbuy Group is a fraud!
I've reported auction to eBay, while situation to the police. But the most helpful turns out to be a bank that actually acted immediately and blocked his account. They also said that there are some founds blocked on that account so there's a hope of recovering at least some of it. Just need to wait.

But strange situation has happened yesterday when I just accidentally used different email and name and managed to log in to and chat with that p...scammer. He firstly replay as 'Stefani' asking how he/she can help, but when I explain who I was etc he only said that he is 'very sorry for all this'. Weird. Mental issues, why you hurt people in a first place? Go to work, physical one, see how much it takes to earn those money.

Any way, because of this , I realise the guy still operates under the same company.
So here are th detail again:

Mr Christian Schäfer
Phone: 00 49 6659 1863396


I also have screenshots shots of every step I was making throughout this transaction, if anyone need them to see how pages looks like to avoid them.(forum, payment, emails etc.)

Hope that would help
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Re: Sellbuy Trading Group

Postby lightfair » Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:19 pm


thank you for registering. I'm sorry you lost money to this scammer; perhaps (if the bank indeed blocked the account) you can recover some of it? Sadly, in most of those cases all money was withdrawn immediately.

Your description contained a number of things that are new angles (at least for me); and I might get back to you for more information. I also have a mostly complete list of the domains the scammer has ben using in the last year.

One thing to keep in mind: "Sellnbuy Trading Group" is not a "company"; it was merely a web site. There is nothing more; it's just that web site. The scammer goes through such sites at a high rate (once each new one is exposed it loses its value). The most current one is "DropNet Trading Group" at; we also have this in our database. Yes, that's the very same scammer. I'm trying to get this killed as well.

I've been looking for some time now for someone with enough persistence to follow this through. So far I believe Police is not acting much because they simply don't see that this is an ongoing series. Once they can see this they might act differently but that of course means to have the "broad picture" on this scam.

Feel free to get back to me (also by PM) if you need more information.

In the meantime please read the following topics here; those are all about this very scammer:

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Re: Sellbuy Trading Group

Postby lightfair » Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:04 pm

New site by the same scammer:

"UnoTel Trading Group"

Now in our database: ... a&id=14181
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Re: Sellbuy Trading Group

Postby lightfair » Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:01 pm

And the next one:

"EasySell Trading Group"

Now in our database: ... a&id=14182
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Re: Sellbuy Trading Group

Postby lightfair » Tue Aug 22, 2017 4:21 pm

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