Ams Holdco Ltd scam (UK and The Netherlands)

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Ams Holdco Ltd scam (UK and The Netherlands)

Postby Carbon » Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:33 am

Hello all,

Also I was victim of a scam, through a company called Ams Holdco Ltd.

I responded on a Dutch ad through Ad was placed by "Corrie", from Schalkhaar, Overijssel.
Fiat Punto Evo with Dutch license 60-PRN-3.
Ad has been removed after I flagged this to being suspicious.

My wife placed a bid and we received a response asking if we were really interested.
I replied by saying I was seriously interested.
The person then requested for my phone number, which I gave.
Someone else replied, a French person by the name of Stephane Andrieu,
His story:
He used to live and work in The Netherlands, bought a car and now lives in the UK. It's hard to sell the car there, due to the steering wheel side.
And with him working on an oil platform he could not arrange the selling himself.
His solution was that through a friend he knows about the escrow company Ams Holdco Ltd in the UK.
And now they are holding his car in a depot awaiting a buyer.

After I honestly raised my concern through an email to the company about not knowing them and their lack of representation on the internet.
They sent me certificates as proof and a there turnover numbers.
I decided to transfer the money, with the amount of €4100,-.

- They confirmed money was received and provided a delivery date of the car and even a time slot.
- On the day of supposed delivery I received an email stating the car was severely damaged in an accident and I would get a full refund.
- Have NOT received the refund and the're not responding to phone calls nor emails.

Here are the bank details. Unfortunately HSBC is not very supportive so far. I very well realize they legally cannot share account holders information, but if was a bank I would for sure do not want to be associated with scammers. It gives bad publicity.
Name: Ams Holdco Ltd
Bank's Name: HSBC Bank Plc
Account: 90956228
IBAN: GB04MIDL40100090956228
Sort Code: 40-10-00
Bic/Swift: MIDLGB22
Reference: Mr. R. Tecau (who was the person who was delivering the car).

I filed a UK and Dutch police report and continue to take steps.

If you need more details on my scam situation, please drop me a note.
Thanks for reading.

p.s: I might add/change information later on, with my first attempt being completely erased due to session time-out.
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Re: Ams Holdco Ltd scam (UK and The Netherlands)

Postby WadeRains » Tue Apr 11, 2017 4:46 am

Thanks for the heads up carbon.
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