Fraud company

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Fraud company

Postby hitheroadd » Thu Mar 24, 2016 8:15 pm


This is the second scamer I found ..this one is in germany....beware of him...he is trying to sell Hyundai IX35 2.0 I Cvvt 2WD for 7000 eur..


The car is in perfect condition and was not involved in an accident. There are no scratches or other damage, and the car has no engine problems. The interior is like new and has never smoked. The car still has dutch license plates and is in possession of all documents and three keys.
I have worked in Lower Lads and I bought the car there, but I returned a week ago from Germany. It was my intention to bring the car here. I tried to sell the car in Germany, but it takes too much effort to register the car here.
The car is now in Germany.
If you are really interested to buy the car, let me know something as soon as possible.

Christian Jurgens
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Re: Fraud company

Postby hitheroadd » Thu Mar 24, 2016 8:16 pm

I think the shipping company is legit..and he is using only his name to cheat people...I jut received and email from the shipping company :

You are receiving this notice to inform you that we received the Hyundai IX35 2.0 I Cvvt 2WD in our custody on your behalf.The car was received on 23.03.2016 at 10:15:32 in our custody in Munich,Germany from Mr. Christian Jurgens

- Your Shipment ID: 728340062

With the shipment ID number we provided above, you can check the status of your transaction going on ( Search Deliveries ).
- Below is the copy of the program, Bill and purchase agreement. We included the copy of id of the Mr. Christian Jurgens too.
Download the PDF file to verify it.
- The car is now in our custody and is willing to come to your delivery address:
Shipping Details: Hyundai IX35 2.0 I Cvvt 2WD (07/2010)
In attention of : Aneta Deboer
421 Genstraat
5953 GP Reuver / Limburg
E-Mail :
- Delivery may take 2 to 4 days and can be influenced by the weather condition.
- Estimated delivery time: 4 days
What's next?
We will be able to process the payment quickly and securely via bank transfer.
Transfer the declared value of 7,000 EUR, to confirm the transaction.
(See our bank details below).

Beneficiary: Marek Oblak
Bank: Norisbank
IBAN: Iban : DE54 1007 7777 0211 5921 00

Please, when you make the transfer, put the name of the beneficiary( Agent: MAREK OBLAK ) on the RECEIVER
Pleause use the fast (Urgent) option to transfer the money.
In this way the bank will process your payment in 24 hours and we can move fast with the delivery.
Be careful not to make mistakes when entering the BANK INFORMATION OR WE WILL NOT BE ABLE to processing payment.

- If the purchase is confirmed we will begin delivery immediately.
- Follow these simple steps:
1. Go to a bank office or access your online bank account.
2. Transfer the declared value.
3. Please send proof of payment / receipt to us:
4. Get the car for inspection and accept or reject it.
6. If accepted: sign the documents and keep the car.
7. If rejected, the car is returned to the seller and we will make a full refund of your money.
The funds are into a secure account with uShip affiliated with.

Remember, the seller will receive the money after you receive and inspect the car and only if you are satisfied with it's quality!
- Please use this e-mail to contact our customer support team.
Return Policy:
- Once the car is in your custody, you have 5 days to test it before you decide to buy it.
If you do not like the car , we will send you back 7.000,00 EUR, and return the car to Mr. Christian Jurgens
The funds will be returned by bank. This action is restricted by a mutual agreement between uShip and Mr. Christian Jurgens
This e-mail contains proprietary information and may be treated as confidential.
If you are not the intended recipient of this e-mail, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this message is strictly prohibited.
If you have received this message in error, please delete immediately.
Company headquaters:
Leyton, United Kingdom
Dresden, Germany
Katowice, Poland
Prague, Czech Republic
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Re: Fraud company

Postby lightfair » Thu Mar 24, 2016 8:56 pm


thank you for posting the info including the bank information.

You are correct - is legit; the scammer just uses the company name to appear legitimate (and as you noticed the email address has nothing to do with I have taken the liberty to remove the domain name from the subject line to avoid possible misunderstandings.
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