Important Notice To Victims READ BEFORE POSTING

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Important Notice To Victims READ BEFORE POSTING

Postby JaxHot » Sun Jul 03, 2005 12:16 am

You need to post the URL of the site.
Also please post the e-mail address of the scammer.
You also need to let us know about your transaction:
selling on line
buying on line
shipping method and address
payment method and address

You may also send me a private message.

Admin Edit: The more information you have about the scammer the better. Also , please do not post your email address directly in the Forum unless you want spam. ESCROW-FRAUD.COM does NOT share your informaiton with ANY outside organizations, however this site gest seached by spammers harvesting email addresses and that is difficult to control. Most harvesters are automated, thus if you wish to post YOUR email address you should so in a unique way such as escrow-fraud AT escrow-fraud DOT com or @@@@@escrow-fraud@@@@@escrow-fraud@@@@@@com This way a human can (generally) figure out your email but the automated harvesters typically can't.

As a final note I encourage you to post ALL scammers email address in the proper form so that they DO get harvested.
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