"Job Opportunity" - FRAUD

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"Job Opportunity" - FRAUD

Postby peg » Wed Apr 08, 2009 2:17 pm

I have received this email multiple times from different emails.

It directs you to a link at http://www.inter-marketing.cn/ which AUTOMATICALLY directs you to http://www.af-g.net/

Both sites are to be considered frauds and should be avoided.

Below is the email I have received. You too may have received it. Let me say that they only job you will get from there is a money mule job. Indeed you may make some money, but only until the FBI or some other law enforcement catches up to you and arrests you for your alleged job.

Additionally, I have NEVER had to provide as much "Financial" information to apply for a job as this sites registration requests. On top of maybe making you a mule, I would suspect that you would find yourself as an identity theft victim as well.

Below is the email.

from Email received wrote:Advance Finance Group LLC

Good day
One of the biggest international companies which is a leading service provider in the market of financial and business development for companies and private individuals, announces recruitment for local positions in Usa, Canada, Australia and China.

If you are currently looking for employment and carrier opportunities, you can learn company's profile at official web portal (at http://www.inter-marketing.cn/ ) , find out available positions at VACANCIES part (vacancies page) and apply online.

If you are not a jobseeker or have received this e-mail by mistake, please disregard this message and accept an apology for misaddressing.

With best regards,
Victor J. Callahan/ HR dept. on behalf of Advance Finance Group LLC

Company's registration (located at http://appsext8.dos.state.ny.us/corp_pu ... lts_page=0 ) at NYS Department of State
In case you are unable to view our site by some reasons - please e-mail us onl

- peg -

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