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Postby peg » Tue Mar 24, 2009 11:42 am

Well I think it's time..... Time for a new forum.

It occurred to me that as I was going through my spam email how many scams I get in my email. I cannot tell you how many people have died or are dying and want me to stand in (because of my last name being the same) or that they found my profile on the internet and believe me to be trustworthy and they want ME to inherit their millions, or help them find a charity or to transfer funds and for my effort I will receive a portion (which amounts to NO LESS than a million in almost every case).

Anyway, as has been my policy, I think the more that we can inform people, the more they are less likely to become victims. So this forum is a place that you can post your favorite scam emails (or ask for assistance in determining if they are a scam). When posting a scam email, please point out WHY you believe them to be a scam. Also try to include the full text as it seems these scammers will use the same text multiple times. Certainly to multiple people. That way if someone searches they can find out what others are getting too.

Any comments are always welcome.

- peg -

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